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Ravenshead & Hucknall Walking Group

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Please read very carefully the disclaimer below:

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Disclaimer – please read carefully

The Ravenshead & Hucknall Walking Group is an informal group of likeminded individuals and friends who meet up on a regular basis at a variety of venues in and around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and surrounding counties. Occasional trips further afield may be organised if there is enough interest and a volunteer comes forward to organise them. We enjoy walking and rambling in a variety of environments and walk leaders take every necessary precaution to examine the suitability of each walk by carrying out a recce. Conditions at each venue can vary considerably and are in no respect under the control of the organisers or leader. Therefore the group and its organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to any of its members or their property during any of the group's activities or while travelling to or from said venues.

Participation in the group’s activities indicates acceptance of these conditions.

How to create a shortcut to this website on your desktop
(Windows 10/11)

(Modify as necessary for other operating systems)

  1. Click on the URL (web address top left beginning “…..”

  2. Right click and choose “Copy”

  3. Close the website window

  4. On an open space on your desktop right click

  5. Choose “New” then “Shortcut”

  6. Slightly to the right of the cursor, right click and choose “Paste”

  7. Click “Next” (bottom right of that dialogue box)

  8. Type “R and H Walking Group” where it says “Type a name for this shortcut”

  9. Click “Finish”

If you double click on your newly formed shortcut, it will take you straight to the Home page of the website. You can then access other pages by clicking on the appropriate heading in the menu at the top.

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